The Kendo Grading Book - Vol.1 - Mitsuru Yoshiyama & Alexander Bennett

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Par Mitsuru Yoshiyama & Alexander Bennett

  • Date de sortie: 2015-02-17
  • Genre: Sports et plein air


In 2006, Kendo World published Kendo Kyoshi 7-dan Yoshiyama Mitsuru-sensei’s The Kendo Grading Book: How to Pass Kendo Examinations 4-dan to 7-dan. It was accompanied by a DVD that helped illustrate the important points that candidates who are attempting a grading should pay attention to. It has been out of print for some time now, but Kendo World is pleased to announce that it is available once more; this time in e-book format.

“I failed to pass the 5-dan examination on seven occasions and was left feeling totally dejected each time. I actually wanted to quit kendo, and ended up turning into quite a mean-spirited person. While I was subjected to the humiliation of repeated failure, I had a chance to work behind the scenes aggregating the votes for pass or fail at examinations conducted by my prefectural federation. This enlightened me to many points concerning the workings of promotion examinations. I recalled images of the people who managed to pass the 5-dan test and learned from them and finally managed to pass 5-dan.

The training methods introduced in this book and DVD are recommended for people who are lost in kendo; working people who do not have enough time for training; those who have become disenchanted by continuous failure; those who started later in life and are selflessly devoted to teaching kendo to children in the community, but are unable to pass higher grades; elderly instructors who find it difficult to solicit younger instructors’ advice but aspire to pass higher grades; those who wish to learn kendo but have no instructor to teach them; and those doing kendo out of the mainstream.”

Yoshiyama Mitsuru, June 2005

By releasing this book in digital format, we are able to embed the instructional videos that made up the DVD in the book itself. However, due to file size restrictions we cannot release the book as one file, but have to do so as two: Volume 1 and Volume 2.

Volume 1:
Chapter 1 - Tips for Success
Before Beginning Practice
Seme and Striking
Completing an Attack
Chapter 2 - Methods to Improve Basic Techniques
Re-examination of Basic Striking Actions
Three Exercises to Strengthen Spirit
Applying Kendo Kata to Shinai Practice

Volume 2:
Chapter 3 - Training for Gradings
Reflecting on Your Kendo
Men Counter to Your Opponent’s Attack
Basic Practice Drills
Basic Practice Drills 2
Practice Drills from Chikama
Completion of Keiko

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